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“GMAIL,” it is a world famous word used frequently. All most all the people make conversations using emails. But many of them do not know about all Gmail Uses. Just spend a few minutes to read the article, and make changes in your account as per your wish. Every individual will sure make some Gmail Account Management changes after reading the information on this page. Here you can check How to create Gmail Account? And it’s pros & Cons. The name gmail.com represents the official site.

If you are already an existing user, you can skip this part and continue to the next content to know about Gmail Advantages Disadvantages.

How to Create Gmail Account?

We just need internet providing device and an attached computer/PC to start our process. Here are some steps to make you know about How to Create Gmail Account and get registered with these web services.

  • Just open the Internet Browser and type the following text – ‘Gmail.com.’
  • Make a click on ‘Create Account’ and start filling your details
  • After entering your username, the device will check for the existing users with the same name. So, select the name as such it doesn’t exist till now and then proceed to the password.
  • Now add the country to which you belong and accept the terms and conditions after reading them
  • Your GMAIL Account is ready to use.

Now here comes some account and privacy setting facilities provided for every user:

Gmail is expanded as Google mail. It is Google web service provider. It enables the individual to create an account and make conversations and changes as per their wish. All the instructions to make particular changes are available within the account itself. Just make a click on the square box like thing consisting of 9 dots, available at the top eight on our Gmail homepage. From there you can know about all Gmail Uses.

Few frequently changed account settings are:

  • Profile picture
  • Password (Reset Password)
  • Drive updates
  • Inbox messages
  • Sharing Settings

Open Change Gmail Account Settings page and reset the present constraints related to the inbox, mails, profile image, chat, themes, password and others. You need your current/last used password to make the necessary changes in Gmail Account Management.

How to Change Password/ Reset PWD?

Steps to change your present password here.. many are forgot their password and want to change their passwords. And it is good to change your password once in 3 months.

  • Click on the settings symbol with a pull down provided on the right side of the Home screen.
  • Select the option ‘Settings’ and move onto ‘Accounts and Imports.’
  • There click on Change Password. Re-Enter your current password and Sign-in
  • Now type your New Password and click on ‘Change Password.’
  • Your settings are completed. In the same manner, you can also set your ‘Password Recovery Options.’

Inbox Management:

You can rearrange all your inbox messages with just a single step. This can be done with the help of ‘Gmail Filters’. Just type the word/name in the search box at the top for which you like to make a change and then press ‘Enter’ button. Then you can see some related messages. Now, click on the pull down available in the search bar. At last, you can see “Create filter with this search.” Adjust the settings as per your desire. In this simple way, you can manage your inbox messages in gmail.com.

  • All the account holders in the Gmail can also use ‘Google Drive’ service for free. You can store a maximum of data equals to 15GB. This is an extraordinary facility for all its users.
  • You can also get your “Last Account Activity” from this details button available at the right bottom of the home page. You can track the date, time, location and even the IP Address used.
  • You can manage your Inbox as Starred, Important & Normal messages or Primary, Social Media Messages, Promotions, Updates & Forums

Gmail Use or Advantages

Everything created has its plus points and drawbacks. Here are some advantages about Gmail usage. An individual is allowed to store the important information in the form of mail in the Gmail. The Google offers free backup and storage facility (depending on the settings opted by us) for up to 15 GB. You can communicate with any person by their ID itself. You can send multimedia texts and even files in your mail’s. You can manage multiple Gmail accounts within a same PC or Laptop. All the conversations made using Gmail are secured and can’t be hacked so easily. Many MNC’s are making their plans and maintain customer & employee relationships with these emails.

  • Facilities like Hangouts, Video call, Email chat, Spam, Trash, Drafts, Google+, Maps are the additional services provided for all its users.
  • Help button is there for you, any time you can take help
  • Google Calendar is available, You can schedule all your important days and it will send reminder to your mail at given time
  • If you delete any Mail unknowingly, don’t be panic it will be available in TRASH up to one month.
Gmail Disadvantages

Here are some disadvantages. The storage space that is provided includes your emails in all categories. If the internet service goes down while mailing, it will be catastrophic to access your data immediately. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to track all your mailings.

All the users are suggested to be updated about various Gmail Uses and make all your data secured. An individual can link his mobile number to the account and get all the inbox messages as a notification to his phone (accessible for all Android and other users).

Till now, we learnt about, How to Create Gmail Account, uses, Advantages and Disadvantages. Here comes the step by step procedure to delete or deactivate your account:

How to Delete Gmail Account?
  • Click on the button ‘My Account’ next to your avatar at the top right of the screen
  • Move to ‘Account Preferences.’
  • Go to delete your account and services
  • Now, select ‘Delete Google account and Data.’
  • You can download all the files before your delete your account
  • Accept the check boxes to confirm your account delete function.

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